Round 35 Recap

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Round 35 Recap

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:07 pm

Round 35 recap

Thank you to everyone who played or offered to replace in, I had no idea if players would be interested in this kind of setup so it was a bit of a gamble.  This setup required a good deal of extra work and secrecy to work, so thanks for bearing with me.  I enjoyed hosting and hope you all got a kick out of it.

Setup and Flavor:
I really wanted to experiment with a couple different mechanics this round.  I thought doing a round without meta added an extra layer.  Really not knowing who is who gives everyone a clean slate and makes the game a bit less predictable.  Then problem with this mechanic is players then start playing a game of guess who among themselves rather than hunting scum.  To eliminate this I gave the mafia the ability to earn extra whacks by correctly identifying real names.  So the mafia would be the ones playing guess who and town plays may need to change up their play style and eliminate their tells to not give themselves away.

Also I wanted to return to the crooks vs undercover cops reverse setup that I used in Round 16: Mafia Vice .  I’ve always had a problem with the mafia always being pegged as the de facto mustache twirling bad guy even when it didn’t make sense from a story standpoint.  The town always being cast as super heroic when they are actively lynching each other is kind of what the hell.  When you think about it, actually lynching someone, is a pretty horrid thing to do heroes.

The film Reservoir Dogs combined both the annoymus crooks and undercop angle along with a good setup to provide and a solid con game with lots of trust issues.  Several of the roles and situations were inspired by the film without straying too far from mafia standards.  Oddly enough some of the same mistakes made by the crooks in the film where also made by players (slipping up and revealing true names and personal details.)

Town pirat 
Creeper – Tracker.  Mafia had a lot of roles which could be tracked making this extra useful.

Fixer – Bodyguard (kind of thinking of the wolf from pulp fiction)

Sniper – If he is the last vote of the day before deadline that player selected is lynched regardless of other votes.  Can only occur once during the game.  I was thinking of an Ebay sniper here.

Torturer – At night can select one player to pull aside and speak to.  At the end of the day cycle you may decide to either free or kill your captive.  This power can be used 3 times.  If you select kill, you will no longer to be able to capture even if you still have uses.  You may not capture the same player twice.  So a combo Neighbor/silencer/vig.  (Mr Blonde)

Mafia pig 
I find a lot of minority team powers boring.  They either are some passive trait or something that feels more like a handicap than anything that really adds depth or strategy.  I wanted create a situation where all the mafia members had some utility that could contribute to the team and work in conjunction with other powers while still giving individual mafia members a say in when/how their powers are used.

Case Officer – Can select of your fellow officers to provide deep cover for each night.  Deep cover prevents them from being investigated, tracked, or watched during the night.  Can only be used on each officer once (including self.)

Enforcer – Can select one player as dead to rights.  That player cannot be protected or escape being busted.  This action cannot be blocked.  You must be the arresting officer.  Can only be used once.

Informant – Can attempt to guess the correct g1 name of a player.  If correct that player is busted.

Frisker – Can confiscate the power of a player.  This prevents that player for using that power one time and allows you to use it once.  Stolen power must be used during following day/night cycle or it is forfeit.  This power may only be used once.  Use it on someone without a power and you get nothing.

Third Party confused 
Karma Houdini – Your goal is to survive till the only cops or only crooks are alive.  You share the win with the winning side.  If you are killed before then, you lose.  You have no powers. So yeah Survivor type (Mr Pink)

Day 1
Voting was shatter shot but Sunglow racked up the most votes.  He used his power to get Shamrock lynched instead.

Night 1
Magenta whacked Wishteria under deep cover
Peach guesses tht Periwinkle is Mashfan
Lavender tracks Sunglow: no result
Bob protects Mahogany

Day 2
Turquoise got the blunt of the votes with Perinkle and Cornflower as runners up

Night 2
Magenta uses deep cover on Cornflower
Cornflower whacks Sunglow using his strongman
Peach correctly guesses the identity of Periwinkle
Lavender tracks Peach and learns he visited Periwinkle
Bob protects Sunglow
Mahogany kidnaps Bob

Day 3
With most other suspects dead, Cornflower is lynched.
Mahogany and Bob chat.  Mahogany kills Bob.

Night 3
Peach guesses that Fuschia belongs to NetteNette
Peach whacks Mahogany
Magenta provides cover for Peach
Lavender tracks Copper: no result

Day 4
Votes are all over the map.  Later in the cycle Lavender claims his role and reveals what he knows about Peach, however Fuschia seems to be the only town player around to notice.  Peach and Copper vote Lavender to end the game.

Team reviews:
Mafia – GG.  Great team synergy and use of powers.  You avoided getting lynched but made a ton of scum slips which the town might have been able to capitalize on if they had been more active.
Town -  Had a couple stand out players and moments but overall never really came together as a team to overcome the mafia.   Many of the power plays didn’t really come down in your favor and the lack of scum hunting and general activity didn’t help.  Scum win, when good town does nothing.

Player reviews:
Shamrock – Would have been interesting to see how you would have played things but you got blindsided day 1.  Not much to say, tough break.
Sepiatone – Missed a lot of votes and that vote on Lavender sealed the town’s fate.  I know you had some technical hiccups early on, but you really need to be more active.
Magenta – Provided good cover and tactics for your scum mates.  You were usually around but flew just under the radar enough to avoid too much attention.
Peach – Good call on nabbing Periwinkle.  Overall seems you stepped up your game this round.  I’m sure Lav caught you off guard but you didn’t really have a good defense or counter claim going at the end.
Lavender – Good call on Peach and Copper.  Also nice job on your role reveal, only bad thing was it seemed to come too late in the cycle for many to catch it.
Bob – Got a bit of flak for the name but weathered it well enough.  Good call on a lot of your protections even if they weren’t successful.  You did make a bit of a slip up and ended up in a bad situation, I’m not sure if you had done things differently you would have gotten different results.
Dandelion – Too low activity level to be much help to the town.  I understand you came in under weird circumstances and were busy with real life stuff.  Hope you will try to step it up in the future.
Cornflower – Really contributed to your scum mates early on.  You did set off a few red flags to the town though which lead to you being lynched.
Wisteria – For the short time you were in the game you provided some helpful tips and really came off pro town.  I’m pretty sure mafia saw you as the biggest threat and took you out early.
Turquoise – Good activity but some of your theories were pretty off.
Aquamarine – Good voting but overall activity levels were too low.
Periwinkle – Very active and a good source of ideas for the town.  Might have slipped up a bit revealing too much of yourself and allowing the mafia to figure out your identity.
Fushsia – Prob the most active player of the game.  Early on the focus on Turquoise was a bit of a rathole, but you pretty much called out the entire mafia team on their bull at one point or another.  Had more town been around at the end its quite possible you would have lead a huge comeback.
Mahogany – Good activity level and ideas, but killing the bodyguard was a pretty detrimental to the town.
Sunglow – Some nice contributions to the town and a good use of power to get out of a bad situation.

You may reveal your true identity at this time, preferably in a dramatic fashion  Cool 

Funny coincidences:
Alias and roles were assigned at random but still created a few funny moments
Cornflower (blue) was a cop
Copper was a cop
Bob broke the naming conventions but turned out to have a power

Mafia Chat:
Basement Chat:
Afterlife Chat:

Posts of win:
Fuschia’s push on Peach and calling out Copper and Magenta in the process.  One last hurrah.

Post of lulz:
Turquiose’s go town speech.  Still cracks me up.   Laughing 

Thanks again to everyone who played!

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Re: Round 35 Recap

Post by Wisteria Fox on Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:45 pm

Not going to bother with a dramatic reveal, but I'll give you a couple of hints about my identity: first a vague one, and then a super easy one that you really can't get wrong if you've ever seen me.

I'm someone who hasn't played mafia in a rather long time.

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Re: Round 35 Recap

Post by Fuschia Fox on Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:53 pm

^Wow. Sling and *wisteria's identity* were in this game.. crazy.
If my last post in the main topic didn't give me away..
I'm cheet lol wtf is wrong with you people.
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Re: Round 35 Recap

Post by CornflowerFox on Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:59 pm

@Adminja You know me, I'm always trying to get myself lynched. Very Happy My slot was nothing more then a goon once I used my power, so who better to get lynched? Also;

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Re: Round 35 Recap

Post by Bob111 on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:51 am

Well, my dramatic reveal was ruined by my wonderful killer. I obviously have to learn how not to seem scummy to Mahogany. #MurderKilled

Regardless, I think it's time to Bust out my image Wink

Also, Damn you Corn for using your strongman on my block! I'll get you one day, Spoonman!

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Re: Round 35 Recap

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